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CategoryGames Date16-08-2011, 11:11
Dark Sector EUR PS3

Ps3 | English | Puslisher: D3 Publisher | Developer: Digital Extremes | 1.0GB
Genre: First-Person Shooter

A modern-day superhero saga, Dark Sector is a third-person shooter where players assume the role of the protagonist, Hayden Tenno who gains the ability to morph into dramatically different combat forms. Set in the crumbling infrastructure of a fictional Soviet-bloc country in the near future, the game features both single and multi-player action, with players working their way through a world where bio-weapons are no longer science experiments, but a hellish nightmare let loose on an unsuspecting populace.
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CategoryGames Date3-05-2011, 10:51
Die besten Wimmelbild-Krimis (2011/DE)

Die besten Wimmelbild-Krimis (2011/DE)
Year: 2011 | English | PC Game | Developer: INTENIUM | Publisher: INTENIUM | 699 MB
Genre: Hidden Object / Quest

Collection consisting of the 3 most popular in Germany detective games in the genre search items.
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CategoryGames Date12-04-2011, 05:53
Iron Storm (2002/PC/ENG)

Iron Storm (2002/PC/ENG) | 982 MB
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CategoryGames Date12-04-2011, 05:33
Marvel vs. Capcom I (2011/ENG/PC) Unrar & Play

Marvel vs. Capcom I (2011/ENG/PC) Unrar & Play | 321 MB
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CategoryGames Date12-04-2011, 05:13
Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops (2011/PC/ENG) RIP by KaOs

Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops (2011/PC/ENG) RIP by KaOs | 1.28 GB
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CategoryGames Date12-04-2011, 04:54
Shattered Origins: Guardians of Unity (2011/ENG/PC) POSTMORTEM

Shattered Origins: Guardians of Unity (2011/ENG/PC) POSTMORTEM | 466 MB
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CategoryGames Date12-04-2011, 04:34

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CategoryGames Date12-04-2011, 04:10
Chernobyl Terrorist Attack (2011/ENG/PC) - TRIVIUM

Chernobyl Terrorist Attack (2011/ENG/PC) - TRIVIUM | 896 MB
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CategoryGames Date12-04-2011, 03:50
GooseGogs (2011/PC/Multi6/REPACK) - FANISO

GooseGogs (2011/PC/Multi6/REPACK) - FANISO | 205 MB
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CategoryGames Date12-04-2011, 03:31
Silverfall: Earth Awakening (2008/ENG/PC) RIP by RFG Team

Silverfall: Earth Awakening (2008/ENG/PC) RIP by RFG Team | 1.2 GB
  • 17
CategoryGames Date12-04-2011, 03:12
Hafen 2011 (2011/DE/PC)

Hafen 2011 (2011/DE/PC) | 580 MB
  • 85
CategoryGames Date12-04-2011, 02:52
Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game (2011/MULTI11/PC) RePack - Proper

Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game (2011/MULTI11/PC) Repack - Proper | 471 MB
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CategoryGames Date8-04-2011, 08:50
Outcry (Sublustrum) 2008 ENG RIP by ToeD

Outcry (Sublustrum) 2008 ENG RIP by ToeD| 781 MB
Genre : Arcade | Developer : Phantomery Interactive | Platform : PC
Publisher : The Adventure Company | Publication Type : RIP | Language & Voice: English

Sublustrum - non-standard quest from the first person in the spirit of classical Myst and Scratches. It organically combines the grotesque and an underground, industrial style and elements steam-punk. Developers suggest to make travel on the fine line that separates the real world and horrors of subconsciousness. The game is based on original authentic music and sound effects - they are associated with many puzzles. From other games of the genre Sublustrum differs deeply psychological plot, unusual visualization, and a terrific soundtrack.
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CategoryGames Date8-04-2011, 08:48
Test Drive Unlimited 2007 ENG RIP by dopeman

Test Drive Unlimited 2007 ENG RIP by dopeman | 1.9 GB
Genre : Arcade/Simulator | Developer : Eden Games | Platform : PC
Publisher : Atarih | Publication Type : RIP | Language & Voice: English

Island dealers represent 25 elected automakers from around the world to the tourists there extensive fleet of rare models of cars and motorcycles to suit every taste. Even the most picky aesthetes will find a wheel itself to the liking of: appearance, cab interior and technical stuffing luxury of rapid movement can improve and change, just harmony in thousands of ways.
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CategoryGames Date8-04-2011, 08:45
Xenus II - White Gold (2010/ENG/POSTMORTEM)

Xenus II - White Gold (2010/ENG/POSTMORTEM)
Year: 2010 l Platform: PC l Language: English l Developer: Deep Shadows l Publisher: Game Factory Interative l 2.83 GB
Genre: RPG / First-Person Shooter (FPS)

Xenus II - White Gold - Caribbean islands. Island full of secrets, mysteries and the spirit of romance. The island beautiful and deadly. Not so long ago the water around them abounded pirates and adventurers, and now, in essence, nothing has changed. How many books have been written about the Caribbean, how many movies filmed. Now you have a unique chance to go there personally to see how people live drug dealers, gangsters and mafiosi. Take part in the mysterious events and disassembly of warring factions, but what's there, just to enjoy nature and enjoy a bottle or two of the traditional pirate drink - rum. Caribbean await you!
  • 68
CategoryGames Date29-03-2011, 16:21
Rail Simulator 2008 ENG RIP

Rail Simulator 2008 ENG RIP | 822 mb
Genre : Simulator (Train)/3D | Developer : Kuju Entertainment | Platform : PC
Publisher : Electronic Arts | Publication Type : RIP | Language : English

Under dimensional rocking train and the wheels swims outside the area, successive fields and meadows, stations and halt. This picture can be seen for hours - it calms, attracts, pleases the heart and fills it with a sense of endless journey. What could be more fun? Perhaps, just look at the landscape and the runaway sleeper eyes away driver. Thanks to a new train simulator control, the opportunity was and you! The game takes on a huge space of four real-life railway lines, each of which stretches to a distance of 90 miles. Teach management of modern trains and an old steam engines, take on a cargo or passenger transportation. A dozen single scenarios have been carefully recreated with full topographical and historical authenticity. In addition, on disc you will find assignments editor, with which you can open new routes. There's no hurry, because the most important in the work of the driver - a quiet confidence, boundless spaces and a great view from the cockpit!
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CategoryGames Date29-03-2011, 16:21
Next Life

Next Life
PC Game | 1.69 GB

Reprobates, a classically-styled 3rd person point & click sci-fi adventure. Adam Raichl, a 23 years old technician, is about to head off for his dull job, looking forward only to the moment that he can clock out and get back home to his girlfiend. But a bizarre feeling in the back of his head seems to be a premonition for something to come, and when a tanker truck suddenly bears down on him at a stoplight, the same flash erupts just before impact ... but when he wakes up, he is alive. He is not severely hurt. He has no idea why he has woken up in a small bungalow somewhere completely foreign to him rather than a regular hospital. And he has no clue why the man in the room with him is telling him about how Adam had survived a miraculous fall from a plane over five kilometers in the air, that he somehow rescued this man from the ocean, and that former American President Nixon is in trouble with the Watergate scandal. Just where exactly has he woken up?
  • 85
CategoryGames Date29-03-2011, 16:20
Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2
PC Game | Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person | 1.91 GB

As you may recall, the console versions of Orange Box PC differed from that in which Half-Life 2 and Episode One used the same latest version of the Source engine that Episode Two, and along with it - the improved model, technology The effects, HDR, system of particles. Were even achieve that Valve had planned to add in all the Steam-versions of these games. Has come in 2010, and WHO and is now there.


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