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Simulia Abaqus 6.9.3 EF1 (Extended Functionality)

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Simulia Abaqus 6.9.3 EF1 (Extended Functionality)

Simulia Abaqus 6.9.3 EF1 (Extended Functionality) | RAR 3.3 Gb

In version Simulia Abaqus 6.9 EF1 (Extended Functionality) gathered the unique opportunity of interaction with different CAD systems, as well as enhanced range of innovative technologies. An extended version of software from the company Abaqus Inc. - A leader in the development of software for finite element calculations of the strength with which perhaps the most accurate and reliable data for the most complex linear and nonlinear engineering solutions.

Year: 2010
Version: 6.9.3
Developer: Simulia Abaqus
Platform: AIX / Power, Linux x86/x64, Windowsx86/x64
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Language: English
Tabletka: Present
Size: 3.3 GB

Description: C 2005 Abaqus Inc. included in the company Dassault Systemes (developer of the world-renowned CATIA CAD systems and systems of product lifecycle management PLM SmarTeam and Enovia). As a strategy for further development company Abaqus Inc. was announced the creation of a completely newfangled medium of universal modeling SIMULIA, which gathered the efforts of not only all the solutions of Dassault Systemes and Abaqus, Inc. in strength calculations, but also absorbed the best third-party solutions for the creation of powerful tools for realistic design and multidisciplinary analysis of the design.
SIMULIA is the open platform for multidisciplinary (multiphisics) current modeling, which can be used by users not only in the automotive, aerospace, general engineering and manufacturing of consumer goods, but also in other industries facing complex issues requiring in-depth modeling, such as biomedicine, molecular technology, geophysics, pharmaceuticals, electronics. Built using the very well-known high-quality technology and customer support system uses the highest level, SIMULIA accomplishes virtual test part of the model development process, allowing engineers and researchers to improve the specifications of the products by reducing or eliminating the need of physical prototypes, actively innovate.
SIMULIA makes it possible to conduct a real simulation of structures, while in general the creation of the product life cycle, thus significantly improving the quality of consumer generated product, reduce the number of necessary field experiments and to promote innovation.

Main modules Simulia Abaqus:
- Abaqus / Standard
This module is designed to address traditional problems of finite element analysis, such as statics, dynamics, heat transfer, together with contact interactions and the nonlinear properties of materials, based on the implicit integration scheme. In addition, Abaqus / Standard is complementary to modules and interfaces: the module sensitivity study designs to geometric changes in Abaqus / Design, module study of underwater and surface structures Abaqus / Aqua, integration with other software complexes, such as injection molding Moldflow.
- Abaqus / Explicit
Module Abaqus / Explicit is based on the explicit integration scheme and is designed to calculate the unsteady dynamics, quasistatic, rapid processes, such as tasks fall (drop test), collision (crash test), failure and simulation of manufacturing processes (forming, stamping, etc. .).
- Abaqus / CAE
Module pre / postprocessor software Abaqus, intended for modeling and visualization of calculation results of analysis modules Abaqus / Standard and Abaqus / Explicit. It has direct access to CAD models, advanced features to build a grid and a simple intuitive interface. With support for Abaqus / CAE can smartly and efficiently create, modify, model, observe and diagnose the problem, visualize the results for many analysis modules. Focusing on the topology and parameterization make Abaqus / CAE modern and efficient pre-postprocessor for engineers.
- FE-Safe
FE-SAFE - the module is designed to analyze the durability of the structure. Developed by Safe Technology, Ltd. Distributed by Abaqus, Inc. FE-SAFE-interface between the results of Abaqus (*. fil file) or the output data Abaqus (*. odb) file, which is required to determine the resource products. FE-SAFE receives stress or strain for various cases of loading, but also involves the data for the data under cyclic loading to predict the resource structure. The results of the calculation in FE-SAFE in the form of contour plots for the destruction of the curve durability, safety factor in strength could be viewed either in Abaqus / CAE, either in Abaqus / Viewer
- Abaqus for CATIA V5
module using Abaqus for CATIA V5 (AFC) your lifecycle management (PLM) is a powerful tool for non-linear strength analysis. AFC Abaqus integrates a graphical environment CATIA V5. Flexible modeling capabilities in CATIA V5 can pretty smartly to make improvements in product design, and integration with Abaqus model gives the ability to test the impact of these changes on the many modes of operation of the product.
As a result of this integration, we obtain a perfect tool for both linear and nonlinear modeling in the design of products. AFC makes the data in CATIA V5 and transmits them to the module Abaqus / Standard. The analysis can also be viewed in the AFC.

Simulia Abaqus 6.9.3 EF1 (Extended Functionality)

Simulia Abaqus 6.9.3 EF1 (Extended Functionality)



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