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Saints Row The Third (Multi9/Repack AGB Golden Team/2011)

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Saints Row The Third (Multi9/Repack AGB Golden Team/2011)

Saints Row The Third (Multi9/Repack AGB Golden Team/2011)
PC | 2011 | English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Dutch | DEVELOPER: Volition | US PUBLISHER: THQ | 4.37GB
GENRE: Action

Since the events of Saints Row 2, the 3rd Street Saints have turned their street gang into a media empire after merging with the Ultor Corporation (despite killing their CEO, Dane Vogel, in Saints Row 2), becoming icons and household names across the world, with their own energy drink, Japanese commercials, toys, a large fanbase, and a movie deal in the works. But when they attempt to rob a bank with Josh Birk (a TV star who is researching his part for the Saints movie) in town, their everyday routine takes an unlikely turn when the bank tellers unexpectedly fight back with military grade weapons. The Saints attempt to airlift the vault out of the building, but when Birk accidentally sets off the alarm, it alerts the Stilwater P.D. and, after a large scale firefight with police and S.W.A.T, the Saints are incarcerated.
In prison, Johnny Gat berates what the Saints have become, expressing disappointment at having strayed from their roots. At that point, an international crime organization called The Syndicate bribes the police to release the Saints leader (henceforth referred to as Boss), Gat, and Shaundi. The three are forcibly taken to the Syndicates leader, Phillipe Loren, to try and negotiate a business plan with them aboard Lorens private jet. While in flight, Loren tells them they will be allowed to live if they turn over two thirds of their revenue made in Stilwater. The Boss and Gat immediately reject this offer, and are able to fight their way out. The Boss and Shaundi parachute their way out, whilst Gat is killed.
Upon landing, the two find themselves in the Syndicate controlled city of Steelport, a Pittsburgh esque city described by Shaundi as Bangkoks abusive father. The Saints invade Steelport in an attempt to profit off the city and also take control of organized crime away from the Syndicate as revenge for killing Gat. The games main plot revolves around removing the three gangs that the Syndicate is composed of. These gangs consist of the Morning Star, personally led by Loren and twin sisters Viola and Kiki Dewynter, a group of European businessmen that control Steelports sex and weapons trades, the Deckers, a group of elite hackers that launder money for the Syndicate and the Luchadores, a group of heavily armed Mexican wrestlers who control gambling.
After calling Pierce Washington, the Boss main lieutenant, into Steelport, the Saints seize a Morning Star penthouse for their new headquarters, hijack a bomb from a military base, and begin attacking the Morning Stars businesses, culminating with an attack on Lorens headquarters, in which the Saints rescue Oleg Kirlov, an apparent superhuman, and Loren is killed. When the Saints try to transport Gats body for his funeral, Killbane, leader of the Luchadores, and following Lorens death leader of the Syndicate, leads an attack on them, destroying Stilwaters Hughes Memorial Bridge in the process.
To retaliate, the player seeks out anti Syndicate talent, recruiting Oleg, ex FBI hacker Kinzie Kensington (voiced by Natalie Lander); Zimos, a pimp who speaks with an Auto Tuned electric voice box due to a tracheotomy; and Angel De La Muerte (voiced by Hulk Hogan), Killbanes vengeful former tag team partner. They are later joined by Viola DeWynter, one of Lorens twin lieutenants, after Killbane kills her twin sister Kiki out of rage due to a failed assassination attempt on the Boss by hookers. Her defection, however, coincides with the arrival of the paramilitary STAG (Special Tactics Anti Gang) forces in Steelport, created by senator Monica Hughes after the destruction of the bridge (dedicated to her husband, Alderman Hughes, from the first game) to end gang violence once and for all. The Saints take on STAG regardless, resulting in Steelport going under martial law, whilst also dealing with the Syndicate.

2 GHz dual core CPU
320MB Video RAM GPU w/ Shader Model 3.0 support (NVIDIA GeForce 8800 series
or ATI Radeon HD3800 series or better) GPU
Windows XP with DirectX 9.0c OS
DirectX 9.0C compliant sound card
10 GB free hard disk space
Co Op Play: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 cards with 640MB of Video RAM, ATI Radeon
HD3800 cards with 1GB of Video RAM or better

Any Quad core or 3.0+ Dual Core CPU
4 GB RAM or more
1GB Video RAM GPU w/ Shader Model 4.0 support (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 400 series
or ATI Radeon HD5000 series or better) GPU
Windows 7 with DirectX 11 OS
DirectX 9.0C compliant sound card
10 GB free hard disk space

Saints Row The Third (Multi9/Repack AGB Golden Team/2011)

Saints Row The Third (Multi9/Repack AGB Golden Team/2011)

Saints Row The Third (Multi9/Repack AGB Golden Team/2011)




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