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DriverPacks for Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 (02.10.2011)

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DriverPacks for Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 (02.10.2011)DriverPacks for Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 (02.10.2011) | 3.04 GB
DriverPacks for Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 (02/10/2011) is a collection of drayverpakov, complete with that program is and to integrate them in the distribution of Windows. Last updated drivers - 02 October 2011. It is not necessary to integrate these drayverpaki in the distribution of Windows, you can also put the driver manually after the installation of Windows.Extras. Information:1) in the properties of the device you want to install the driver in the "device instance ID" search text DEV_ **** (instead of 4 stars - 4 digits or letters).2) looking for (eg searching in total commander) drayverpakov contents in files *. inf text DEV_ **** (instead of 4 stars - your 4 numbers or letters).3) The search result will show you which folder / folders are likely to need drivers for this device.if the line "device instance ID" no text DEV_ ****, you can search on what that other text from the line.if not, you can intuitively poperebirat several putatively a particular folder, folder names begin with the same letter, which begins the name of the manufacturer the device.information about the devices may for example give the program hwinfo32.Windows 2000-xp-2003 (x86) driverpacksdp bluetooth wnt5 x86-32 910dp chipset wnt5 x86-32 in 1109 (new)dp cpu wnt5 x86-32 1005dp graphics a wnt5 x86-32 1107dp graphics b wnt5 x86-32 1107dp graphics c wnt5 x86-32 1107dp graphics languages ??wnt5 x86-32 1107dp graphics physx wnt5 x86-32 1107dp hid wnt5 x86-32 1105dp lan wnt5 x86-32 in 1109 (new)dp lan-ris wnt5 x86-32 1011dp massstorage wnt5 x86-32 in 1109 (new)dp misc wnt5 x86-32 1108dp modem wnt5 x86-32 1101dp monitor wnt5 x86-32 1005dp runtimes wnt5 x86-32 1107dp sound a wnt5 x86-32 1108dp sound b wnt5 x86-32 1108dp tv wnt5 x86-32 1005dp webcam wnt5 x86-32 1107dp wlan wnt5 x86-32 in 1109 (new)Windows vista-7 (x86) driverpacksdp audio wnt6-x86 1104dp cablemodem wnt6-x86 1001dp cardreaders wnt6-x86 11 041dp chipset wnt6-x86 1109 (new)dp gaming wnt6-x86 1001dp graphics a wnt6-x86 1106dp graphics b wnt6-x86 1106dp graphics mobile wnt6-x86 1106dp lan wnt6-x86 1109 (new)dp massstorage wnt6-x86 11 051dp misc wnt6-x86 11 051dp modem wnt6-x86 1001dp monitors wnt6-x86 1001dp touchpad mouse wnt6-x86 1107dp tvcard wnt6-x86 1001dp webcam wnt6-x86 1103dp wlan wnt6-x86 1104Windows vista-7 (x64) driverpackscardreaders x64 911dp audio wnt6-x64 1104dp cardreaders wnt6-x64 11 041dp chipset wnt6-x64 1109 (new)dp graphics a wnt6-x64 1106dp graphics b wnt6-x64 1106dp graphics mobile wnt6-x64 1106dp lan wnt6-x64 1109 (new)dp massstorage wnt6-x64 11 051dp misc wnt6-x64 11 051dp touchpad mouse wnt6-x64 1107dp webcam wnt6-x64 1103dp wlan wnt6-x64 1104812 gaming x64misc x64 911monitors x64 911Download (Wupload)


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