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CategoryMusic Date31-07-2010, 08:56
VA - These Sounds Fall Into My Mind Vol 3 (2010)
VA - These Sounds Fall Into My Mind Vol 3 (2010)
MP3 320 kbps / 44,1kHz / Stereo | House | Tracks: 36 | 576Mb
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CategoryMusic Date31-07-2010, 08:55
VA - Gold '70-'80
VA - Gold '70-'80
EAC Rip | 14 tracks | FLAC (tracks) - Log - Cue | Artwork (400dpi) | Release: 2006 | 475 MB
Genre: Dance, Disco | Label: Pro | HF +FS

Greek-only release and 1st part of a Box-Set, but this is the only I own.

Tracks 07, 08, 09 are dance remixes.
All the rest are the original full-length versions (...I think)!
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CategorySoftware Date31-07-2010, 08:43
Dr.Batcher 2.0.2

Dr.Batcher 2.0.2 | 5.11 MB

Dr.Batcher is the simplest in use batch file editor available on market. Are you searching for software to create batch files that will help you to make them without studying their syntax? Our congratulations: you have just found exactly what you need! Using Dr.Batcher you can create batch file even if you have never done it before. If you know a lot about the creation of BAT and CMD files, Dr.Batcher is still useful for you. With Dr.Batcher you can use handy features of professional IDEs like syntax highlighting, code tooltips and bookmarks, that make writing code of batch file easier. Dr.Batcher really helps you to create bat files in easy and fast way!
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CategoryGames Date31-07-2010, 08:42
Match 2 Date (Portable)

Match 2 Date (Portable)

Match 2 Date (Portable) | 141.4MB

Genre: Match-3 | RealOre
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CategorySoftware Date31-07-2010, 08:39
iSpring Presenter (x86/x64)

iSpring Presenter (x86/x64) | 55.05 MB

When it comes to e-learning, iSpring Presenter is one of the smartest elearning authoring tools you will find. It transforms your regular PowerPoint presentation into a SCORM/AICC compliant Flash elearning course, ready for publishing to a Learning Management Systems (LMS). iSpring elearning software also provides you with a quiz authoring tool to further enhance your PowerPoint presentation or course with engaging, interactive quizzes. Besides the ability to create a winning course, you can also enrich it with video narrations. The iSpring generated Flash movies provide ActionScript API, allowing you to have total programmatic control over the navigation and playback of your presentation.
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CategoryMusic Date31-07-2010, 08:33
Ibiza Soundz 2010
VA - Ibiza Soundz 2010
House | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 322 mb
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CategoryGames Date31-07-2010, 08:12
Trucker 2 (Action/ENG)

English | PC | Developer/Publisher: Play-Publishing | 590 MB
Genre: Action
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CategorySoftware Date31-07-2010, 08:08
DVD-Cloner Platinum 7.50.997

DVD-Cloner Platinum 7.50.997 | 25.3 MB

DVD-Cloner is excellent DVD copy software that makes quality DVD backups to DVD-R/RW super easily. DVD-Cloner makes backing up your copy-protected DVD movies simple. With your DVD burner and DVD Cloner software, you pop in the DVD you want to copy in your DVD-ROM and a blank DVD in your DVD Burner and click the button to start the DVD burning process. You can clone your DVD entirely within 2-3 hours, in the same quality as the original. The cloned DVD can be played in any compatible DVD Player. Plus, DVD Cloner is one of the few DVD backup software titles that has a built-in CSS/DVD Ripper.
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CategorySoftware Date31-07-2010, 08:05
SharpPlus Sqlite Developer

SharpPlus Sqlite Developer | 11.33 Mb

Sqlite Developer, a powerful database manager that will manage sqlite3 database. Features: Power SQL Editor with syntax highlight, autocomplete, unicode support, unicode support, data type mapping, query builder, visual schema management, viewer and editor of field as text, Hex, HTML or image, live update, export/import data, and support of loadable extension and virtual table.
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CategoryE-Books Date31-07-2010, 08:01

Genre: eLearning

FileMaker Pro is powerful enough to handle most database jobs yet easy enough to create simple solutions in minutes. This practical "how to" course by FileMaker expert John Mark Osborne, starts from advanced level and uses a single invoicing example to demonstrate FileMaker Pro 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10 and 11 features and techniques including the Ultimate Find, saving a found set of records for future retrieval, saving find criteria for future use, text parsing to create features, making new requests easier for users, parsing web form generated emails, five methods for deleting duplicates, recursive phone filter, creating preferences in a single-user and multi-user scenario, web-like back and forward buttons, conditional buttons, custom form letters, changing text attributes with scripts, script triggers and many more techniques with an emphasis on adaptive scripting and calculations. Examples of the invoice file are provided at every stage of the creation process so the user can easily review one section without starting from the beginning.
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CategoryGames Date31-07-2010, 07:54
Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven Collector's Edition 1.0

English | PC | Developer: Bigfish Games | 482 MB
Genre: Adventure
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CategoryE-Books Date31-07-2010, 07:49

Genre: eLearning

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 is a professional, real-time, digital non-linear, timeline based video editing application. Premiere Pro CS5 supports certain Adobe recommended graphics cards for accelerated processing, and CS5 is optimized purely for 64-bit operating systems to provide high quality video editing in both RGB and YUV. In addition to providing broadcast quality video creation, Premiere Pro CS5 includes a sophisticated audio element that includes VST effects for optimum aural fidelity. This project based course constructs a film, while covering all of the essential elements users need to learn the interface, proper editing of audio and video, use of filters and effects, rendering and exporting for output to DVD in multiple formats. Work Files are included.
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CategoryPortable Date31-07-2010, 07:47
Anti-Trojan Elite 5.0.8 Portable

Anti-Trojan Elite 5.0.8 Portable | 7.88 MB

Anti-Trojan Elite (ATE) is a malware remover, it can detect and clean malware in disk or memory. Malware is software designed specifically to damage or disrupt a system, such as a trojan horse, a spyware or a keylogger. ATE contains a Real-Time File Firewall, it monitor system and clean malwares immediately. It is also a system security tools, you can view and control processes and TCP/IP network connections.Anti Trojan Elite provide a real-time malware firewall for user, once a trojan or keylogger would been loaded, the ATE can detect, block and then clean it in time. The ATE can detect more than 35000 trojans, worms and keyloggers currently, and the number of malware ATE could clean is growing up very quickly, we collect world-wide malwares, user can using our auto live update feature to get the power to clean these new malwares in time.
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CategorySoftware Date31-07-2010, 07:46
iSkysoft DVD Studio Pack

iSkysoft DVD Studio Pack | 23.67 MB

iSkysoft DVD Studio Pack for Windows is the best, powerful and all-in-one DVD converting software, including three super professional rippers and converters, which are iSkysoft DVD Ripper , Video Converter and Audio Ripper.
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CategorySoftware Date31-07-2010, 07:41
Advanced Host Monitor Enterprise 8.68

Advanced Host Monitor Enterprise 8.68 | 16.03 MB

Advanced HostMonitor is a network monitor program. You can create a list of jobs and tests in advance on a 'set and forget' basis. Among the many checks it can do, it can monitor any TCP service, ping a host, retrieve an URL, check the available disk space, and more. It checks network servers at regular intervals and takes pre-defined actions if a device does not respond.
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CategoryE-Books Date31-07-2010, 07:39 Adobe Illustrator CS5 Adobe Illustrator CS5 | 443 MB
Genre: eLearning

Adobe Illustrator CS5 is the latest version of the industry standard vector drawing application. Now with new features such as the Perspective Tool, the Bristle Brush, Beautiful Strokes and new drawing modes, there are more tools than ever for the creation of stunning art. Professional illustrator, television animation art director and writer Dwayne Ferguson takes you on an in-depth look at Illustrator CS5, taking you through the tools you'll need to master it quickly. The end of the course includes three fun yet practical hands-on projects. Work Files are included.
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CategoryGames Date31-07-2010, 07:37
WWII Tank Commander (ENG)

English | PC | Developer: Sylum Ent. | Publisher: Merscom LLC | 463 MB
Genre: Historic First-Person Shooter
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CategorySoftware Date31-07-2010, 07:24
Serif DrawPlus X4 v11.0.0.18 Portable

Serif DrawPlus X4 v11.0.0.18 Portable | 403 Mb


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